//  File.swift

//  www.momeks.com


//  Created by Mohammad Komeili on 1/26/17.

//  Copyright © 2017 Momeks. All rights reserved.



import Foundation


    let name  = "Mohammad"

    let family = "Komeili"

    let career = "iOS Developer, founder and lead designer at Appersian"


    var website:String = "This is my personal website, momeks is my nick name"


    switch website {


    case me:

        biography = "I was born in 1989 in Iran. I have over 6 years of experience in iOS programming.I am founder and lead developer at Appersian ,and I have M.A. in English translation."


    case apps:

            url = "http://appersian.net/#portfolio"


    case designs:

            url =  "https://dribbble.com/momeks"


    case photos:

            url = "https://instagram.com/momeks"


    case contact:

            mailto =  "me[at]momeks[dot]com"





    //You can find me here :

    let socialMedia  = [Twitter, LinkedInInstagramDribbble] as! Any