//  File.swift

//  www.momeks.com


//  Created by Mohammad Komeili on 1/26/17.

//  Copyright © 2017 Momeks. All rights reserved.



import Foundation


    var name  = "Mohammad"

    var family = "Komeili"

    var career = "iOS Developer, UI/UX designer. Founder and lead designer at Appersian" 


    switch aboutMe {


    case me:

        _ = "I was born in 1989 in Iran. I have over 10 years of experience in iOS programming. I am founder and lead developer at Appersian. My applications has been featured and promoted as APP OF THE DAY, Best AR Apps, Apps We Love, Best Reference Apps, AR Apps We Love and etc. Momeks is my nick name!"


    case apps:

            _ = "http://appersian.net/#portfolio"


    case designs:

            _ =  "https://dribbble.com/momeks"


    case photos:

            _ = "https://instagram.com/momeks"


    case contact:






    //You can find me here :

    let socialMedia  = [Twitter, LinkedInInstagramDribbble] as! [URL]

//Read my interview with Apple :

let interviewURL:  "http://momeks.com/appleintvw/"

//Check out my App Store achievements:

let appStore:  "http://worldofdinosaurs.net/news/?p=527"